Universal File Association Plugin for Unity


ImaginationOverflow Universal File Association plugin enables your apps and games to be configured as the default file handler (e.g .xpto) on iOS, Android, Windows 10 (UWP), Standalone (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and tvOS.

Registering your app/game as the default file handler means that every time one of your users tries to open a registered file type, your app/game will be activated in order to process the file.

Integration is as simple as registering a callback to an event.

public class FileAssociationExample : MonoBehaviour
    void Start()
        FileAssociationManager.Instance.FileActivated += Instance_FileActivatedHandler;

    private void Instance_FileActivatedHandler(FileInformation fileActivated)
        //  my activation code

The configuration is made on a simple built-in User Interface, where you can define all the file associations that you wish to support.
You can configure the plugin globally, where all your builds will have the same configurations or configure each platform to have a different configuration.

The plugin also contains a debug feature where you can test your integration without deploying to an actual device.

Supported Platforms

Platforms UTI Mime-Type File Extension Custom File Extension
Windows Store
Linux Standalone
MacOs Standalone
Windows Standalone
Steam (Linux, Windows, MacOs*)

(*) requires MacOs

Advantages Of File Association

Open Media Files

Use the File Association plugin to open media files within your game, improving the gaming experience.

Open Text Files

You can also open text files such as txt, pdf, and others.

Open Your Custom Files

This plugin also lets you open open format files that you created, for example, xpto, myExtension.


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